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Range Rover Repair Center

Providing High Quality Range Rover Repairs From Simple Maintenance To Engine Rebuilds. range rover mechanic wearing uniform
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Range Rover Repairs

Why you shoud repair your Range Rover with us?

Specialized Range Rover Workshop 6 Years of experience in Range Rover repairs Three months warranty on all Range Rover repairs

Established in 2016, we provide an honest and reliable Range Rover repair service at all times, and are proud to be recognized as a highly reputable Range Rover repair center. We have worked hard to build a reputation for offering a trusted and "value for money" service to all our customers in Dubai and Sharjah. All of our mechanics are fully qualified and experienced in working with all types of Land Rovers and Range Rovers, completing all work to the highest of standards at a very competitive price.

Range Rover Repair Cost

Brake Pads Change250 AED
Computer Check100 AED
Ac Gas Top Up100 AED
Compressor Change500 AED
Engine Belt Change50 AED
Oil And Filter Change50 AED
Lower Arm & Upper Arm Change500 AED
Axle Change200 AED
Suspension Change200 AED
Engine Fan Change300 AED
Spark Plugs Change200 AED
Engine Mounting Change400 AED
Hydraulic Pump Change400 AED
Engine Cooler Change500 AED
Gear Cooler Change500 AED
Coolant Tank Change50 AED
Gear Filter Change300 AED
Fuel Pump Change300 AED
Radiator Change300 AED
Driving Shaft Change300 AED
Coil Change150 AED
Gear Mounting Change100 AED
Headlight Change200 AED
Gear Oil Change100 AED
Engine Pully Change100 AED
Brake Booster Change400 AED
Gearbox Change800 AED
Engine Change2000 AED

Common Range Rover Problems

As advanced and high-quality as a Range Rover car is, it is not an infallible machine; it does carry its own common weaknesses which often result in necessary repairs. These issues include:

Power Loss: Power loss is easily recognized due to the vast array of symptoms displayed; you may notice inferior fuel mileage, a stalling engine, a frequent check-engine light, or sputtering, clattering, or hissing noises coming from the engine area. Ignition: A faulty ignition switch is a common culprit if you notice your Range Rover fails to start, stalls frequently, or if the dashboard lights flicker constantly. Air Suspension: If you observe a sudden low riding height, malfunctioning ride features, roughness while driving around corners or bumps, or continuous noise, you could have air suspension problems. Parking Brake: Parking brake failure is one of the more serious issues with Range Rovers. If you notice screeching noises while braking, or stalling and locking upon braking, it is best to get this inspected as soon as possible. Leaks: Leaks from the engine, roof, or tailgate range from relatively insignificant to extremely dangerous.

Our Location

We are located in Sharjah industrial area 5, Street 320 minitus from Dubai

Business Hours

Saturday - Thursday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Daily Break Time1:00 PM - 4:00 PM